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If you’re ready to greatly improve your student communication and attract more business, our full web design & hosting solutions are the perfect tool to help your business succeed!  Our tools give you the power to easily add/ modify the content of your website, putting the power into your hands!  Easily add images, documents, links, tables, videos, and more!

Combine the power to edit your own website with our private student accounts with lesson scheduling, shot tracking, private video lockers, and student profiles to give your students an amazing online experience they will be sharing with others.  One username & password gives your students access to all of this, privately on your website!

Our theory is this:  Paying for individual services will rack you up a bill much larger than you're willing to spend very quickly.  We've developed all our own services and are now able to keep your one monthly cost lower than having multiple providers!  We're even including our fully-stocked Digital Mirror Ultimate Analysis software in our bundle, which is a $1500 value!

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Easy For Students, Easy For You

If you're using different companies for lesson scheduling, another for video upload, another for shot tracking, your student has to remember a different username and password for every individual feature.  With all our services in one website, your student has one username and password to remember to access every feature you offer.  Your one username and password opens your site to advanced functions where you can easily update your site or access your schedule, and all your students and their videos/information at once!

Embed Into An Existing Website

Already have a website?  No problem!  We can provide you a single line of code that embeds our features into an empty page of your own website.  Perfect for clubs or facilities who strictly guard control of their websites. 

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JC Video Systems
548 W 9400 S Suite B
Sandy, UT 84070


Sales: (801) 816-1611

Powerful, Editable Websites

Our tools give you the power to easily add/modify the content of your website, putting the power into your hands! Easily add pages, images, documents, links, tables, videos, etc...

One-Click Lesson Video Upload

Using our JC Video Toolbox and the JC Video Motion Analysis program, you can upload an analysis video to your website in 1 click after you stop recording.

Student Profiles

Easily input & recall personal & golf info, lesson videos, club fitting data, launch monitor info, photo & image galleries and more!

Lesson Scheduling

Easy to use, and easy to manage, you can take control with our advanced calendar systems. Rearrange your schedule by clicking and dragging appointments, create lesson packages and clinics, accept payments online or at the lesson...

Shot Tracking

Follow your student’s game and find how to further improve their golf scores by using our new Shot Tracking software.

Online Lessons

Have Students send videos and swing info from afar, and easily import them for immediate analysis. Add a Cart to your site to create revenue streams!

Shopping Carts

Use your website to make you money! Our powerful cart tools allow you to sell merchandise, lessons, memberships, and more!

Ultimate Analysis Software

Tons of features, yet easy to use. Software designed with the students & instructors in mind. All features and functions are executed with a single click of the mouse.